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This p block has class="larger".  A snappy introduction that sets out the main argument for the piece. I'll cover the main ideas right here and hint at my conclusion without giving the game away completely.

a second level heading h2

If we can get the staging URL's for each of your pages we will get the links in place on our staging sites so they can be reviewed seamlessly. The links will already be in place on the templates we provide.

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Important Notes For Your Developers H3

  • The templates are published automatically and are living pages that just lack content. 
  • They will exist at URL's on our server than can be reached at any time and from any browser, or via a command like CURL or WGET.
  • You can get the latest template at any time, but we will notify you when something so significant has changed that we require an update to the templates on your end.
  • Asset links (images, js, css) in our templates will be fully qualified and should be pulled from our server. We will be making many changes to the js and css over the coming weeks (and years) and your templates would become stale almost immediately if you tried to copy those assets to your servers and host them yourselves.

We Want to Make This Easy For Y'all

  • If you have links you would like added to the templates for use on your site (i.e. additional CSS, and JS calls) just let us know. We can add them in so they are already there and y'all don't have to mess with it every time there is an update.
  • We can tag the "live" areas of the templates with something so that they are easy for your developers to spot or we can add special classes or dom elements with id's to accomplish the same thing. Just let us know what's best for y'all.
  • Anything. Seriously, just let us know. We can make changes to the templates one time to save y'all the hassle of doing it over and over every time there is an update. They will be conditionally included and only appear on the templates for you so no worries about them stepping on other vendors files or pages we host.