Welcome 2018 Summer Interns

June 8, 2018

This summer, Zachry Construction welcomed a total of twelve new interns. The North Texas region welcomes Brennon White; the Gulf Coast region welcomes Jenna Lucas, Garrett Payne and Hunter Yauch; the Central Texas region welcomes Jace Selsor, Osbaldo Gonzalez, Jorge Hernandez, Manuel Campos, William Beard and Javier Guerrero; and the East Coast region welcomes John Baker and Brandon La- orthum.

“Each intern clearly exemplifi ed Zachry’s Core Values during initial meetings and throughout the interview process,” said Zachry Director of Talent, Culture and Organization Development Armando Leal. “These students were selected among nearly 450 individuals we interacted with during the recruiting process. They are excited to be a part of our company, ready to learn, grow and understand they are a critical part of Zachry’s culture.” New this year was a full-day Intern Welcome Event for the incoming interns. The event started at the Home Officce where interns had the opportunity to interact with David Zachry and other members of Zachry’s senior leadership team.

They then traveled to an active project job site to experience using and working with heavy highway machinery, and were challenged with obstacle courses and on-the-job training in efforts to build relationships and collaborate with each other. To conclude, ZCC hosted a “Meet the Intern” social reception at the Home Officeto allow members of the corporate team to meet, socialize and interact with the newest members of the Zachry family.