Zachry paves way for success in the Carolinas

March 28, 2017

In just four years, the Regional Office in Raleigh, North Carolina has gone from being new kid on the block to a partner on two of the three largest road construction projects ever awarded by the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

How? Local-experienced management hires are bringing a new level of success to Zachry. Operations Manager Drew Johnson arrived with 35 years of experience; Danny Eudy, Paving Operations Manager, has 39 years; Steve Hubbard, Regional Safety Manager, has another 30+ years in the industry; and relative newcomer Hank Bernal, Sr., Regional HR Manager, has been recruiting for almost 30 years.

Zachry won its first out-of-state bid in March 2012 when it won a $70 million project to reconstruct part of Interstate 20 in South Carolina. Skilled workers were brought in from Texas, notes Regional Manager Pike Riegert. “In the beginning, when jobs were few, it was hard to hire the best local talent. But now we have five years of backlog and our reputation of being a great employer is preceding us. So is our specialty area of concrete paving.”

With the workforce now at 161, most Texas employees were able to return home to other projects – but two San Antonio experts were brought in: Paving Superintendents Felix Loa and Mike Kimble. Their mission: help Zachry become the premier concrete paver in the Southeast. According to Danny Eudy, they’ll be working with local crews to handle approximately one million cubic yards of concrete paving already in the Raleigh office backlog. “Ultimately, we’ll have 75 to 100 workers on three paving crews in the Carolinas, just to handle the concrete work on the books.”

Riegert believes the growth in the Carolina region is expected to continue. “It’s one of the fastest growing regions in the country,” said Riegert. “We are still new and still learning, but we have made tremendous progress with lots of success and I am thankful to be part of it.”

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