Zachry employee in front of tractor

Zachry Academy

At Zachry, we believe in leading by example and learning by doing. Zachry Academy, our internal training program, provides a setting for our team members to learn about industry best practices, receive training in different skill areas and come together with their coworkers to collaborate and innovate.


Project Manager addressing employees


In this two-day course, prospective project managers will learn to plan and deliver a successful project from beginning to end. Participants will gain a more complete understanding of their team’s role in safety, contract management, planning, scheduling, cost and estimating — and how they all impact the company as a whole.


Project Engineer working on tractor


Zachry’s success hinges on our team’s ability to collaborate with partners and peers, and project engineers are an important part in that endeavor. Project engineers in this intensive course will gain a detailed understanding of project controls and field engineering as they bridge the gap between the operational and technical aspects on various projects.


Foreman training


Construction foremen at Zachry are responsible for the day-to-day performance of their crews. Foreman trainees are masters of their trade and understand their team’s roles for each project. Participants will also learn more about their responsibilities to enforce safety, operational and technical standards on the job site.


Superintendent training


Zachry superintendents oversee the day-to-day operations and control the short-term schedule for some of our toughest construction projects. Superintendent trainees in this course will learn the basics of making work plans, managing resources and upholding Zachry’s exemplary safety standards.




A solid estimate is fundamental to winning work for the Zachry team. Here, employees will learn the basics of preparing an estimate, estimating for different types of projects and joint ventures, and understanding the relationship between the proposal and estimating processes.




The work done beyond the job site is equally as important as the work done on it. Our Business Administration team is the backbone of our day-to-day success, as trainees will learn the core business functions that keep Zachry running smoothly.