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As construction professionals, it is our job to preserve the environment and keep the world extraordinary for future generations. Zachry embraces methods and technologies that increase sustainability, reduce waste and improve efficiency for the benefit of all.

Recycling Concrete


We take advantage of opportunities to reuse any sound materials available on the structures we update. This helps to lower emissions by reducing the number of shipments that have to be made to the site, and eases landfill congestion.

Project Spotlight

  • On the DFW Connector, old concrete crushed on-site served as the base layer for new pavement. This project won the Globe Award for outstanding environmental protection from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.
  • Zachry often incorporates recycled concrete into a project’s construction materials. We also reuse old steel and rebar to reinforce new concrete.


Conference Center Logwood


Whenever possible, we try to utilize local, sustainable materials and reduce our impact on the environment in all facets of our operations. Our buildings frequently feature windows made from recycled glass and floors made from sustainable materials.

Additionally, Zachry excels in the construction of high-tech commercial buildings that will help other organizations become more sustainable in the years to come.

Project Spotlight

  • In our work on California’s Eastside Reservoir, Zachry supplied materials for a dam by crushing on-site 14 million tons of rock, which we also excavated ourselves.
  • The U.S. Embassy in Beijing — a model of sustainability — featured natural lighting, stormwater reclamation and extensive landscaping.
  • Zachry’s conference facility was the first LEED “Gold” certified building in San Antonio.


Mesa Cast Yard


Teams at Zachry continuously work to envision new products and processes that reduce waste and improve efficiency. These innovations help us complete projects faster, which benefits the environment, our clients and the public at large.

Project Spotlight

  • On the Dallas High Five Interchange, we used a segment erector to hoist precast bridge segments into place. This helped in mitigating inconveniences to the traveling public and helped us finish the project 13 months ahead of schedule, easing traffic congestion that would have sent hundreds of millions of gallons of emissions into the air over that time — a win-win Zachry solution.


Image of UHS

Project Certifications

Many of the projects we work on receive verification from independent groups certifying their environmental friendliness. The Sky Tower of the University Health System uses one-third less energy than mandated by law and is also on track to be LEED “Gold” certified.