Embassy of the United States, Beijing

Beijing, China

U.S. Department of State

June 2004 - August 2008

$332 million



Zachry was the majority joint venture partner on one of the most complex projects ever undertaken by the Department of State given its size (580,000 square feet), location (Beijing, China) and ATFP/security requirements.

The 10-acre U.S. Embassy complex includes a nine-story Secure Chancery, secure and non-secure office space, a three-story General Office Building with central atrium, Consular Building, Marine Security Guard Quarters Building, a three-story Parking Garage, a Central Utility Plant, guard stations, dining facilities, and extensive outdoor hardscaping and landscaping.

This new complex was built to meet unprecedented security requirements, incorporating the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems. The entire 10-acre compound is capable of being self-sufficient for power, potable water and fire water for long periods of time.

Completion of the complex brings together 26 agencies, who once worked in 22 locations scattered around Beijing, in one consolidated and secure operating site for the first time. Security dictated the major phases of the three-year schedule.

Designed to LEED Silver specifications, the compound remains a shining example of Zachry’s global adaptability, extraordinary know-how and commitment to leading methods and technologies.

Project Elements

  • International
  • 580K Square Feet New Construction
  • Sophisticated Earthquake Resistant Construction
  • Fast Track Environment
  • State-of-the-Art Mechanical & Electrical Systems
  • Campus Environment - 8 Multi-Story Bldgs
  • Designed to LEED® Silver