Fort Sill

Fort Sill Reception Complex

Fort Sill, OK

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

September 2012 - September 2014

$33 million



Approximately 900 new Army recruits come to Fort Sill each week. Zachry recognized the importance of designing a space that properly welcomes future soldiers while including extensive energy control measures to help the US Army move towards its eventual goal of Net Zero energy consumption.  Zachry led the project which included demolition of 15 existing structures, site work covering seven acres, construction of a new 95,000 square foot Reception Complex, a complete renovation of an existing 24,000 square foot Battalion Headquarters as well as construction of a new running track, a covered hardstand building and an Organizational Storage Building. 

 The Reception Complex includes a geothermal well field source which provides both cooling and heating energy during extreme temperatures along with high-value thermal insulation and air barriers maintaining both temperature and indoor air quality.  Inside of both of the two main buildings are “FEMA Shelters” with heavily reinforced masonry and concrete structures where occupants can safely shelter from a tornado or other catastrophic events providing air, emergency power, water and other necessary functions to ensure the occupants safety.

 The project is certified LEED® Gold and Silver exceeding more than 50% energy savings.

Project Elements

  • 95K Square Feet New Construction
  • 24K Square Feet Renovation
  • Campus Environment
  • Antiterrorism Measures
  • Environmental Remediation
  • LEED® Gold and Silver
  • Rain Water Harvesting System
  • Geothermal Well Field
  • Energy Management Control Systems