San Antonio River Landing Project

San Antonio Museum of Art River Landing Project

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Museum of Art

August 2008 - March 2009

$ 2.7 million



The San Antonio Museum of Art River Landing project transformed the north side of the existing museum by adding an outdoor pavilion, covered walkway and terrace inviting guests to overlook a river view.  The new facilities and grounds along the river are landscaped with native vines and flowering plants, adding to the beauty of the area. The design of the pavilion is also environmentally sustainable, using the cool breeze from the River to support ventilation and capturing rainwater in cisterns to be used for irrigation.

Detailed planning and careful execution was main priority for Zachry due to existing historic structures and severe elevation changes down to the river. The project was performed in coordination with Zachry’s existing Museum Reach project with the San Antonio River Authority (SARA).  Through careful planning and execution of this work the museum was able to utilize the space through the duration of the project.

The new 3,400 square foot pavilion is open for festivals, receptions, lectures and meetings and can accommodate 300 people.

This project was awarded the 2010 San Antonio Masonry Contractor’s Association Golden Trowel Award for Hardscape/Landscape Category.

Project Elements

  • 3.4K Square Feet of New Construction
  • Preservation of Historical Building
  • Connection to the San Antonio River Walk
  • Environmentally Sustainable