San Antonio River Improvements - Museum Reach

San Antonio, TX

Museum Reach

May 2007 - May 2009

$63.6 million



This three-phase segment doubled the length of the existing River Walk and extends the distinctive San Antonio experience to an undeveloped section of the river north of downtown. Construction of this segment stabilized the river channel and extended navigation by river barge through the addition of a lock and dam.

Zachry provided major excavation services, concrete work, bulkhead erection, retaining walls, and a lock and dam system on an active river. This required careful water management through wellpoint dewatering, surface unwatering, river flow surface diversion, river flow bypass pumping diversion and cofferdams.

The architectural scope included public restrooms, a street to the river barge unloading/loading facility, visitor overlook facilities at numerous locations, and complete lighting and signage systems.

Upon the discovery of historic rock dam remains, the Museum Reach project called for an extensive redesign — without impacting the overall schedule and budget.

The San Antonio River Authority (SARA) was in charge of the overall management of the San Antonio River Improvements Project (SARIP). The development and coordination of SARIP was the result of cooperation among the City of San Antonio, Bexar County, SARA, the USACE, the San Antonio River Oversight Committee and the San Antonio River Foundation. SARIP represented the best of inter-governmental and public–private ownership.