California High Speed Rail

Madera & Fresno Counties, CA


March 2013–Q4 2021

$1.7 billion



Joint venture Tutor Perini/Zachry/Parsons (TPZP) is working with California High-Speed Rail Authority to design and build Construction Package 1 (CP1), which runs from Avenue 17 in Madera County to E. American Avenue in the southern part of the City of Fresno. The project includes the maintenance of traffic (MOT), utility relocations, roadway/street relocations, grading, drainage, bridges, and structures required to complete the 29-mile alignment. The project is divided into North, Central, and South segments, each of which will be managed separately, with their own engineering and supervisory staffs, equipment, and skilled labor forces to expedite the project.

The North Segment extends from Madera County to the northern limits of Fresno, crossing farmland and local roads as it swings from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) to the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) alignments. This segment will cross Cottonwood Creek and have two major viaducts: 501 across the Fresno River, and 203 across the San Joaquin River, bringing the alignment across the UPRR tracks just south of the river crossing. The Central Segment runs through central Fresno and will ultimately include the Fresno station. Two miles of SR 99 will be relocated, constructed, and designed by Caltrans under a separate contract.

Project Elements

  • 29-Mile Alignment
  • Maintenance of Traffic
  • Utility Relocations
  • Roadway/Street Relocations
  • Grading
  • Bridges
  • Drainage