CPS Energy Infrastructure Project

CPS Energy Infrastructure Project

San Antonio, TX

CPS Energy

January 2014 - Present

$23 million



ZUUS is a contractor for CPS Energy covering San Antonio, TX, Bexar, Comal, Guadalupe, Medina and Wilson counties. Projects include a variety of underground electric infrastructure projects including manholes, electric duct banks, vaults, transformer, and switchgear pads. Eighty percent of the projects are located in very congested work areas including downtown San Antonio.

Through CPS Energy contracts, ZUUS has completed large duct bank and manhole projects such as Comal Substation to Hemisphere Park, Commerce Street and South Presa, and Alameda Theater to increase electric power to these areas.

CPS Energy work also includes installing large electric substations. For example, ZUUS helped design and install a tunnel system across an existing substation safely and ahead of schedule to provide power to the Capitol Cement Plant with no shut down of power.

Project Elements

  • 75 Electric Manholes
  • 4 Large Electric Vaults
  • 25.4 K Linear Feet Various Size Electric Duct Banks
  • 18 Switchgear Pads
  • 28 Transformer Pads
  • 7 Large Oil Containment Pads
  • 2.3 K Linear Feet Various Size Steel Casing Bores
  • 168 Linear Feet Precast Tunnel