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January 20, 2023

Katrina von Kamrath promoted to Sureties

Katrina (Kat) von Kamrath will be moving into a role to support and strengthen our critical relationships with construction sureties. Working with Susan LaBrie, Kat will add depth and a unique project perspective in providing direct support to operations, projects and estimating. Kat will remain in North Texas.

The current market presents an increasing number of challenges with subcontractors and opportunities for ZCC to contract with sureties to take over and complete bonded projects. As a result, our leadership team concluded additional resources will be both important and beneficial.

Kat has previously held numerous engineer positions on Zachry and joint venture projects, culminating with being the current Project Engineer on the US 380 project in North Texas. She will begin an orderly transition from her role as Project Engineer and, when the project is ready, shift her focus to this new challenge.

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