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October 31, 2014

Grand Parkway Project Alters Route for Commuters

The progress on segments F1 and F2 of the Grand Parkway are forcing Spring-area motorists to make adjustments to their driving habits.

On Oct. 31, motorists were rerouted to a temporary four-lane road that crews constructed along the north side of FM 2920 as they began work on an underpass in that area.

"The temporary road will consist of two lanes each direction, consistent with the current configuration," said Linda Merritt, spokeswoman for Zachry-Odebrecht.

At that time, crews also began to tunnel underneath the existing FM 2920 to create an underpass, as part of the Grand Parkway.

Merritt said Zachry-Odebrecht has helped to prepare motorists for the changes.

"Traffic Control signage is in place, information is posted on the website, e-Notifications are pushed out to media and commuters who sign up for notifications, and target communications with key communities, businesses, emergency services and Klein ISD have been coordinated," she said.

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