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April 8, 2016

State releases new details on possible bullet train routes

Zachry Construction is working with the California High-Speed Rail Authority to design and build Construction Package 1 (CP1).

The California rail authority released four voluminous reports Friday on proposed alternatives for bullet train routes from Bakersfield to Anaheim — providing new details on how the train would traverse the Southern California mountains, cut through downtown Los Angeles, enter Union Station and reach Orange County.

The roughly 164 miles of track from the Central Valley to Anaheim will be the most technically complex, environmentally sensitive and financially taxing part of the $64-billion project to connect San Francisco to Southern California by 2029.

Among the key disclosures in the reports was a plan to enter Union Station with surface tracks, abandoning an option to arrive at the rail hub on a viaduct with an elevated platform. The state also revealed that it was considering sharing tracks with the Metrolink commuter rail service on a portion of the 12-mile stretch from Burbank to Los Angeles — which could affect the bullet train system's capacity and speed.

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