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October 16, 2014

Texas Plant to Capture, and Then Reuse, Carbon

Amid the calls to capture carbon to save the climate, a Texas company is preparing to do that job for profit.

At Capitol Aggregates, a cement plant near San Antonio, the Skyonic Corporation of Austin, plans to open a $125 million factory next week that will make industrial chemicals.

Instead of mining natural deposits of carbon found underground, the plant will capture the carbon emitted from making cement — a rich source — and use it to produce chemicals like sodium bicarbonate and hydrochloric acid by reacting it with rock salt.

“They’re on to something,” said Victor K. Der, an adviser to the Global CSS Institute, a nonprofit group that advocates carbon capture and storage as well as reuse.

“Carbon reuse is the holy grail,” he said. “If they can make it work as a business proposition, sure, why not?”

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