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October 18, 2019

Zachry is partnering with Bridges to Prosperity

When David Zachry heard a presentation by an organization called Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) at ENR’s Groundbreaking Women in Construction Conference, he didn’t expect to be swarmed by half a dozen employees eager for Zachry to sponsor a bridge project. Founded in 2001, B2P adopted the powerful mission of ending poverty due to rural isolation. They believe that connection is the foundation for opportunity. In countries like Uganda, a footbridge means safe, year-round access to markets, fresh water, schools and healthcare.

Mr. Zachry tasked Design-Build / Alternative Delivery Director Darren Ratajski with researching the requirements to participate. Together, Ratajski and Project Engineer Katrina von Kamrath secured the project of building two cable-stay footbridges across ravines in eastern Uganda.

“Bridges are for all people. Every Person Matters and should have access to healthcare, education, and fresh food and water sources,” said Co-Leader von Kamrath.

The project will take place from Feb. 29 to March 15, 2020. A team of 10 volunteers will be assigned to each bridge. Zachry Construction, Capitol Aggregates and Zachry Underground and Utility Systems are all teaming up to participate. Despite the extreme conditions expected in Uganda, Ratajski and von Kamrath received an overwhelming number of applications. Twenty were selected along with four alternates.

“It is an honor for Zachry to partner with B2P in this way and demonstrate our commitment to our Core Values,” said Ratajski. “We are so grateful for the outpouring of volunteer support and look forward to making a lasting impact in Uganda.”

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