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May 6, 2019

Zachry Supports National Safety Week - May 6-10, 2019

It is Zachry Construction’s goal to have zero injuries every day. Every day starts with safety and it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure all employees are in a safe environment and follow safety guidelines. We all know there are serious implications to staying safe and that is why starting today, every Zachry Construction job site is supporting National Safety Week, an industry-wide education and awareness week for the construction industry now through May 10.

All Zachry job sites have various events planned to continue to increase awareness and the importance of being committed to safety, every day. Discussions, demonstrations, reviews and evaluations are taking place throughout the company.

Safety Week helps all employees by taking a little extra time in your day to focus on what can be improved to keep everyone safe. I encourage everyone, whether you are at a job site or not, to ask yourself, “What are we doing well?”, “What can we do better? “What does safety mean to me?”.

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