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SH-130 SEGMENTS 5 & 6


SH-130 SEGMENTS 5 & 6


Central Texas Highway Constructors (CTHC), a joint-venture partnership with Ferrovial Agroman, was tasked with building the billion-dollar SH-130 Segments 5 & 6, a first-of-its-kind, all-electronic toll road measuring 41 miles and capable of supporting the highest posted speed limit in the country.

This new four-lane divided toll road, the first concession project awarded by TxDOT, was segmented into three segments for design and construction management.

By the time work was substantially completed — seven months ahead of schedule — the entire road project had become one of the largest and most complex earth-moving operations ever in Texas, requiring 16 million cubic yards of earthwork.

Other major quantities included 150,000 cubic yards of concrete poured, 1.1 tons of asphalt, 75 bridges and three interchanges built, and 3,000 acres of right-of-way (ROW) acquired. The project also included the design and relocation of 41 major utilities in 24 months.

Today, SH-130 provides drivers a faster route through Central Texas, relieving congestion along the I-35 corridor. The toll road has already begun to save Texas businesses millions of dollars in transportation expenses, all at a cost of zero dollars to the taxpayer. Drivers are now able to travel at higher speeds without having to stop at toll booths, helping to reduce air pollution.



Start Date:

November 2007

End Date:

April 2013

Contract Amount:

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